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Loot's Tools Plus is an optional upgrade over Loot's Tools that's designed for Power users or users that want the best of the best.

With Loot's Tools Plus you unlock functions, such as:

  • Use of EXtensions
  • Advanced Cards
  • Execute Commands or Python Scripts on events like Purchase or Gift of Packs on Streamloots (Edit them on the Loot's Tools' Editor)


Loot's Tools Plus is 15€, but the first 20 people have an Early Bird price, leaving it on 10€.

By upgrading you not only get all the functions of this tool, but also you support me, the development of this tool and an early look at new functions for Loot's Tools.

Upgrading to Loot's Tools Plus

To upgrade to Loot's Tools Plus, open Loot's Tools and click on the link when it prompts you to upgrade.

Your account will upgrade at the moment of payment, only restart the program to enjoy your upgrade!

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