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Loot's Tools UI

Loot's Tools UI's Home Page Introduced on v2, Loot's Tools UI offers a new and friendlier way to use Loot's Tools.

You can access it on

Opening the UI opens the Loot's Tools Console, if necessary; and opening the Loot's Tools Console, from the executable, opens the UI on load.


The UI is divided on pages:


Loot's Tools UI's Home Page

The Home Page offers a handful of useful links for the Start Guide, Docs, the Discord Server, and the Issues reporting page on Github.


Loot's Tools UI's Cards Page

The Cards Page offers a glimpse at the Cards of your Streamloots Collections, categorized by them.

The Name and Icon of the Card is shown on a grid, and Enhanced Cards are marked with a star on the top-left corner.

Clicking on a Card offers the options to test the Card and or edit the Card's Commands, if the Card is enhanced, or to Enhance it, if not.

Loot's Tools UI's Card Context Menu

Also, this page has three buttons, the Editor Button, ( ), that opens the Editor; the Enhance Button ( ), that makes a Card Enhanced; and the Reload Button ( ), that reloads the Cards (Names, pictures and states).


Loot's Tools UI's EXtensions Page

The EXtensions Page shows us the EXtensions that are loaded into Loot's Tools.

EXtensions not correctly loaded will appear on black and white. Clicking on them (both loaded and not loaded) will give the user to reload the EXtension selected.


Loot's Tools UI's Log Page

The Log Page shows the output of the Loot's Tools Console, with an auto scroll option.


Loot's Tools UI's LootsTrading Page

The LootsTrading Page shows a grid with your Cards, and if you click on them, you can Share them and get an LootsTrading Link for Sharing your Card and it's commands online.

Also, on this page, there's a button to Share a Collection, that, as the button's name suggests, helps you Share a Collection.

Learn more about LootsTrading on here: LootsTrading


Loot's Tools UI's User Page

The User Page shows the User's Name and Icon, with some info about their stats on Streamloots and Loot's Tools.

Here you can also find a button to copy your DriveWay ID, with which you can connect Loot's Tools with other Apps, Services, or Game Mods, and a toggle to turn ON or OFF Discord Rich Presence.

EXtension Pages

EXtensions can have pages on Loot's Tools UI to manage configurations or to show information to the user.

They will be the last icons, before the Exit icon, and their icons will be the ones of the EXtension they are from.

Exiting the UI

Aside of closing the browser tab or window, the UI has an Exit button. ().

On click, this button pops up a prompt to Close only the UI or Close also the Loot's Tools Console:

Loot's Tools UI's Exit Dialog

Loot's Tools UI is a work in progress, and suggestions are more than welcomed on the Issues page on Github (Issues) and on the Discord Server (Discord Server).

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