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LootsToolsEX for Discord

(This is a feature unlocked with Loot's Tools Plus. A Plus Account is required.)

LootsToolsEX for Discord

LootsToolsEX for Discord is an EXtension which allows the interactivity between Discord and Loot's Tools.

It makes possible things like sending messages to Channels through WebHooks.

Uses for this could be sending Twitch Clips, Card Alerts or Packs Purchased Alerts to your server through WebHooks.

Learn how to make Webhooks on your Discord Server here.


Download 'Loot's Tools EX for Discord' with LaTEX


(Note: the name between parenthesis is the function's name, used for calling them with Advanced Cards' Scripts)

Send a Discord Message (discordSend)

This command sends a message to your Chat on Twitch.




  • webhookAddress [str]: The webhook address.
  • discordMessage [str]: The message you want to send.
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