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Command Groups

(This is a feature unlocked with Loot's Tools Plus. A Plus Account is required.)

Command Groups

Command Groups is an EXtension which allows the user to create, as the name suggest, command groups to then use them all together. Think of them as functions.

Make, for example, a function to wait 30 seconds, make a Clip of your stream, and then send it automatically to Discord for all your fans to enjoy when a Card is played.



Download 'Command Groups' with LaTEX


To create Command Groups, head up to the EXtension's page on the UI, and write the name of the Group you want to create where it says "Add a Command Group".

Command Groups Page

Press Enter to add it to the list, apply Command Groups, and edit the Command Groups on the Loot's Tools' Editor.

Then, to use it on Normal Cards, you can find the newly created Command Group under "EXtension Command":

Command Groups Usage

To use it on Advanced Cards, import useEXtensionFunction from lib.utils, and use useEXtensionFunction("commandGroups", "{COMMANDGROUPNAME}")

This would call the Command Group "CreateAndSendClip"

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