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LootsTrading is an Additional Feature which enables the Sharing and Copying of Cards and Collections, including the Cards commands (Normal and Advanced), with the respective Dependencies and EXtensions (with LaTEX).


LootsTrading works by URL sharing, lets start with Sharing Cards and Collections, to then learn how to Copy them:

Sharing Cards and Collections

Click here to know how to share Cards and Collections with Loot's Tools UI.

Copying Cards

To copy a Card, you'll need a LootsTrading Card URL (

Don't worry if you don't have one, I'll give you one of mine:

Copy "Alt+F4" Card with LootsTrading

Once you have a LootsTrading Card URL, open it and use a Card of the Collection you want this new Card to be in.

All the images, sounds, configurations, commands and information of the Card will be transfered to you.

As simple as that. Open Streamloots and see your new Card on your selected Collection!

Copying Collections

Copying Collections is, like the rest of the methods, very easy.

For this one, you only need a LootsTrading Collection URL (

Here, try it out with one of mine:

Copy "Minecraft" Collection with LootsTrading

Open it, let LootsTrading do its Magic, and that's it!

Open Streamloots and see your newly created Collection!

(Note: When Copying a Collection, all cards, by default, are hidden. Publish them to use them.)

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