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LootsLabels is an Additional Feature that gives the user "Labels" with stats of theirs Streamloots' Page on real time, such as Packs sold, top Buyer/Redeemer or last redeemed Card's data; for then using them on your Streaming Software.

You can find the Labels on <Loot's Tools' Root Folder>/LootsLabels/.

Labels available

  • lastBuyer

  • lastCardDescription

  • lastCardImageURL

  • lastCardMessage

  • lastCardName

  • lastCardRedeemer

  • topBuyer

  • topBuyerImageURL

  • topBuyerPacksNumber

  • topRedeemer

  • topRedeemerCardsNumber

  • topRedeemerImageURL

  • totalBuyers

  • totalDisenchantedCards

  • totalPurchasedPacks

  • totalRedeemedCards

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