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(Note: Using LaTEX doesn't need a Loot's Tools Plus Account, however, you won't be able to use EXtensions without it.)

LaTEX is an Additional Feature which makes easy the Creation, Sharing and Downloading of EXtensions on Loot's Tools


Sharing EXtensions with LaTEX works by URL sharing, let's learn how to Create, Share, and Download EXtensions with LaTEX.

Creating EXtensions

You can Create an EXtension with LaTEX clicking here or opening this on your Browser: ltex://create

Then, you'll be prompted to get an ID for your EXtension, and it'll check if it's already used. If not, your EXtension will be created.

The EXtension created will be a template on which you'll base your new EXtension, with all the information you'll need.

Sharing EXtensions

You can share your EXtension by clicking here or opening this on your Browser: ltex://upload.

Next, select the EXtension you want to share, and you'll recieve a LaTEX URL, that you can share for other people to download your EXtension

Downloading EXtensions

You can download and install EXtensions through LaTEX using a LaTEX URL.

To try it out, try with the URL of Loot's Tools EX for Twitch:

Download 'Loot's Tools EX for Twitch' with LaTEX

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